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Devetnica Duhu Svetomu

Devetnica Duhu Svetom


Klara Ikona

~~~Gospa Fatimska~~~

Gospa Fatimskaj




of the jubilee of 800th anniversary of the Order of Poor Clare sisters



      LOGO-enLogotype with it's form reminds of spousal ring that Poor Clare Nuns receive for their solemn profession. St. Clare with her franciscan cord closes the circle, a symbol of enclosure in which sisters live and also a symbol of her perfect Form of life. Clare goes out of circle which is well written in the Bull of the cannonization :"This light, indeed, remained enclosed in secret cloisters, and outside it emitted sparkling rays; it was gathered together in a strict convent, and it was sprinkled upon the entire age; it was guarded within, and it flowed forth outside. For indeed, Clare lay hidden, but her life lay open; Clare was silent, but her fame shouted out; she was concealed in her cell and she was known among cities" (Bull of Canonization of St Clare, 14). With her sanctity she is above all her sisters, she is the first in that vocation, she precedes them. Her brown religious garb of Madam Poverty is a fertile land that Clare has furrowed. It is a land of the Gospel on which her followers march in a procession. Clare is in front of them like a flag, similar to Christ, crucified and resurrected One, what her lightsome name reminds on.

      With her evangelical novelty and with courageous of her person, Clare exits from the circle of the social and ecclesiastical structures of her time. For her there is no life in and out of enclosure but, like for St. Francis, only spiritual life and that non spiritual one, an empty life.

      The veil of Clare is a symbol of the Holy Spirit and of the spirit of her charisma which are transferred on her followers. They are touching her veil (allusion on the cloak of Elijah and of Jesus' dress) and, holding one another's hand, they transfer one to another a joy of the same vocation and, "with swift pace, nible step, and feet that do not stumble so that even" their "walking does not raise any dust", they "go forward tranquilly, joyfully, briskly, and cautiously" (like enamored ones) „along the path of happiness" (cf. The second letter to the St Agnes of Prague 12-13).

      Monastery of San Damiano is a place of the beginnings of the Order of the Poor Sisters where Clare first lived and then wrote her Rule for the sisters. On the front of the monastery we can see the contour of the Crucifix of San Damiano, the symbol of Jesus' call, historically directed to Francis and spiritually to each one of his followers: "Go and repair my house for it is in ruins". Clare and her sisters are custodians of that call and that memory, in silence and retiring of the contemplative life symbolized by the cypress.


Author of the logotype and of the explanation: sr. M. Tarzicija Čičmak, OSC

Graphic preparation: Tihomir Marjanović Šima

Translation: sr. M. Zoé Duvnjak, OSC







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